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Higgins Wows with ‘Horses Inside Out’ Clinic Presented by Cavalor Premium Feed and Supplements and International Equestrian Education.

Wellington, FL (February 21, 2013) – The skeletons out-and-about on Wellington’s show grounds in February during the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival and Global Dressage Festival were neither signs of a zombie apocalypse nor a belated band of Grateful Dead fans, but rather the clever anatomical ambassadors of equine biomechanics expert Gillian Higgins and her ‘Horses Inside Out’ demonstrations, presented by Cavalor Premium Feed and Supplements and International Equestrian Education.

‘Horses Inside Out’ with Gillian Higgins included daily exhibits using her popular painted live equine ‘canvases’ on Saturday, February 9; Sunday, February 10; and Monday, February 11; and two informational luncheon sessions on Wednesday, February 13.

“When meeting with Dani and learning about the International Equine Education program, we instantly knew we wanted to be a part of it,” said Nara de Sa Guimaraes, director of marketing at Cavalor. “The idea of using visually eloquent lessons to show how both horse and rider anatomies work ties in perfectly with our philosophy of educating equestrians of the best nutrition to support their horse’s performance. Educated equestrians make better informed nutritional decisions.”

The engaging series, free and open to the public at the horse show, opened with Higgins’ instructional commentary during a jumping demonstration with Goldstein in a ‘skeleton suit’ riding her own skeleton-painted horse, Starwyn Farm’s Waliva VDL, over fences during intermission between rounds of Saturday night’s FTI WEF $82,000 Adequan Grand Prix. A second demonstration, after Higgins went through a step-by-step painting of the skeletal structure on a real horse within the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, was presented before Sunday’s 1.5m Suncoast Internationale.

WEF show goers also found Higgins walking the grounds on Sunday with Barnes and Noble, two Miniature Horses whose pint-sized skeletons charmed and educated equine enthusiasts about how biomechanics apply to the great and small. Higgins then applied her anatomical lessons to dressage, taking the ‘Horses Inside Out’ demonstration to the Global Dressage Summit adjacent to WEF, and painting a physiological picture of performance on Caroline Roffman’s and lovely black FEI mare, Her Highness O.

With the synovial fluidity of a ball and socket joint, Cavalor Premium Feeds and Supplements worked with Higgins and International Equestrian Education every stride of the way, setting up an education center, offering free horse feed samples, and answering frequently asked questions about the integral marriage of nutrition and performance. “Gillian really did help people understand horses, inside and out,” said Mawghan McCabe, Cavalor director of sales and business development, who was directly on site to talk with riders and owners.

“The free admission to this incredible series, the access to an educational center, and the depth and breadth of horse care information available would not have been possible without Cavalor quickly recognizing a smart and unique opportunity,” said an appreciative Goldstein, who operates Starwyn Farm in Wellington and is the co-founder of the International Equestrian Education program.

To learn more about International Equestrian Education, please call Danielle Goldstein, (917) 544-3349 or email Discover the complete line of Cavalor Premium Feeds and Supplements and the new MyCavalor personalized feeding program at


Photo 1: Danielle Goldstein and her mare Libby during the Gillian Higgins presentation at the 2013 FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival. (Photo courtesy of

Photo 2: Miniature horses Barnes and Noble pose with ringmaster Cliff Haines after being painted by Gillian Higgins. (Photo courtesy of JRPR—no photo credit necessary)

Photo 3: Caroline Roffman and Her Highness O give a dressage demonstration at the Van Kampen arena on the Global Dressage Festival show grounds. (Photo courtesy of Al Guden)