Danielle Goldstein believes there is much to be done, in terms of impacting Israeli society through equestrian sports. She is committed to creating a stronger equestrian culture in Israel. She has been instrumental in forming the groundwork for an Israeli equestrian team capable of International competitive success. She is driven to elevate the quality of Israel’s national equestrian reputation around the globe.

Danielle also believes that Israel has tremendous potential for developing successful equestrian competitors, but it will take time to effectively train young riders to become strong professional equestrians. Danielle believes that young people who learn about riding and show jumping at will have an opportunity to not only become successful show jumpers, but will also learn a lot about responsibility, attention to detail, the value of hard work and the love of animals. The “International Equestrian Education Series,” that Danielle Goldstein has started in the United States, is designed to educate people with all experience levels, about the care and management of competitive horses.  Her goal is to put together such a series in Israel by 2018.

Danielle believes equestrian sport can be a source of pride for the Jewish country and another way of bringing positive attention to Israel.

Please visit the T.E.A.M. Israel – The Equine Athletics Mission Israel to learn more.